Fuel Injector Rate Calculator

This calculator estimates the best size injectors for your application. For truly accurate injector matching, many more variables must be taken into consideration, like displacement, air flow, RPM range, etc... Also the engine should be dynoed to get accurate information regarding fuel consumption (BSFC) and HP... However, this calculator will give you a rough idea, based on an estimated BSFC. You will note that standard injectors are good to a considerable amount of power.

Clicking on a value written in blue will give you more information on it.

Designed for horsepower:

Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC):

Number of Injectors:
Injector Flow Rates:
Old Fuel Pressure:
New Fuel Pressure:

US (lbs/hour) metric (cc/min)

Injector Size =


Remember that these figures are guidline estimates
The only real flawless way to get this is to have the engine tested on a dynomometer / rolling road


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