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Last overall update 21/02/08

PPP-106 ebd Peugeot 106 rallye engine build project PT1

This video includes: PPP-106 Rocker FEA On CAD model using SolidWorks & Cosmos - Study to determine the allowable modifications.
Render if the inlet tract & manifold plates.

The PPP-106 EBD Stage 4 Head - Peugeot 106 Rallye TU2J2 - A little look over the Head in an almost complete state, this is just waiting for the modified Valve guides & the Chambers to be balanced. This will be fitted with 214N Austinetic stainless steel One Piece valves. See http://pickard.engineeredbydesign.co.uk for details on the full engine / car build.

Visit the ebd homepage here: http://www.engineeredbydesign.co.uk

Here is some video from Brands Hatch to keep you entertained!

PPP-106 - Graham Pickard's ebd engineered Peugeot 106 Running-in at Brands Hatch. This is some of the first few miles so the rpm is limited to just over 4,000. The video is taken on the start-finish straight from the pit-wall at brands hatch race circuit.

News Flash!! - It Lives! It Breathes! - Graham has now finished the wiring - (with only the tiniest bit of help from ebd) - just needs to be tidied up now!!

Just for Graham here is a little bit of video after we have scaled the throttle pot. - To be fair the sound does not do it justice in anyway shape or form, but it was captured with a "stills" camera, i.e. the microphone is not the best.... A more accurate description is that it sounds like a rabid dog on steriods, in heat and trying to escape the engine bay to bite your bollocks off... :-)

One of our friends Dave Wright in the stock Hatch series

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