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Last overall update 21/02/08

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Welcome to the Project Peugeot 106 website!

Updated 21/02/08 - 02:10

  • Added the new mish-mash youtube video shown below:
  • Created New page with YouTube Tastic PPP-106 Links!
  • Removed Old links

PPP-106 ebd Peugeot 106 rallye engine build project PT1

This video includes: PPP-106 Rocker FEA On CAD model using SolidWorks & Cosmos - Study to determine the allowable modifications.
Render if the inlet tract & manifold plates.

The PPP-106 EBD Stage 4 Head - Peugeot 106 Rallye TU2J2 - A little look over the Head in an almost complete state, this is just waiting for the modified Valve guides & the Chambers to be balanced. This will be fitted with 214N Austinetic stainless steel One Piece valves. See http://pickard.engineeredbydesign.co.uk for details on the full engine / car build.

Visit the ebd homepage here: http://www.engineeredbydesign.co.uk


Updated 08/02/08 - 02:10

  • Items Updated / Altered :
    • Due to the very sad loss of the PPP-106 this site will not be updated really any further. - However always look at www.engineeredbydesign.co.uk for the latest information! Rememeber if you want to comment, join in on discussion on the ebdForums
    • See the main ebd website for the latest revision of the ebd csv2kml converter application. - This application converts a .CSV or .DBD file with GPS information to a Google Earth KML file format for visual display. Please Join in the discussion on the ebdForums
    • Updated many pages ont he

Updated 15/11/07 - 02:50

  • Items Updated / Altered :
    • See the main ebd website for the new ebd csv2kml converter application. - This application converts a CSV or DBD file with GPS information to a Google Earth KML file format for visual display. Discuss on the ebdForums...
    • New ebdForum launched! come & join in!

This website is an ebd mini-site for the PPP-106 - What does it stand for? - well put simply "Project Pickard Peugeot - 106"! It is a Peugeot 106 Rallye Series 1 (S1) Project Car Designed & developed by ebd, purely for competition use. As this is an ongoing project, this site is always developing & changing. So check back regularly to see the updates!  Click if you would like to be emailed when this page gets updated...

Due to the interest in the PPP-106 Project Page, we have now registered the url www.ppp-106.co.uk - So now you can all make it easier to tell all your friends about this ebd Project! The direct link still remains as http://pickard.engineeredbydesign.co.uk

It seems we have generated some interest from various different websites, & forums, such as the rallyeregister & the saxosport forums, - Which is great news, we are always happy to here from people who might have different opinions to ours! Variety is the spice of life after all! To help everyone really understand what this means, I would like to post a couple of reminders to this project; The Limitations:

    1. It is specific to the person we are building this for - and his requirements,
    2. It is specific to the requirements of the catgegory the vehicle is going to compete in
    3. Although it is really quite radical - it is not a complete money free-for all! - We are working to a budget!
    4. The concept has been designed with every part in mind - From custom made ebd Carbon Fibre trumpets right the way through to the De-cat pipe, - this is not a "BITS" design, where you buy lots of different different parts off of the shelf, and simply bolt them togetger!! - Just about every part used in the build has been custom made / modified or machined to suit our requirements.
    5. So what does this really mean?

    To answer some questions I have seen:

    Head design:

    Due to The Category That Graham Pickard competes in, there are some limitations:

    The Head must be one that was fitted to the car as standard,

        • This means we can't use a later head that has the port spacing more equal,
        • As such, a choice was made to radically modify the existing head.
        • This choice is also a function of the fact that we are using an 8 injector injection system, comprising of standard Peugeot 106 Rallye injectors and complemented by 4 injectors from a Yamaha R6 2004 model motorbike. - This means that the best port spacing is influenced by the port spacing of the TB's used - hence the solution employed!
        • This also gives us extra tunability due to the fact we can bring extra injectors online when required.

    Bottom End:

    To add further information regarding our planning, Graham's budget has meant that a fully steel bottom end is out of the question - Hence full calculations we have carried out for

      • Rod strength,
      • Crank strength,
      • Flywheel inegrity

    All to determine what the bottom end is capable of - especially after we had planned for to radically modified them! From this we were able to carry out the bottom end mods with relative safety - modifying Cast iron items instead of using of the shelf steel ones. Again, the aim of this project is to create the best possible solution that meets the needs of class, category, budget & driver expectation!

    Sump Baffling:

      • The queries about windage: - well windage is about the amount of oil that clings to the crankshaft during rotation / normal operation.
      • A standard crankshaft is a cast iron item that has an effective surface finish equivalent to a badger on heat. - comonly known as, in engineering terms, as "rough as a Bears Arse"
      • The Crankshaft employed in the PPP-106 has been mirror polished, this reduces the surface "cling" and as such windage is massively reduced.
      • The main purpose in the baffling is to minimise surge & the torque coupling effect of the mass of oil changing direction! - if you examine the clappet de carter on the peugeotsport boutique page, you will see that this system employs a large trap door arrangement, with a baffle in a simliar place to where we have placed ours.

    Sump Baffling:

        • The queries about windage: - well windage is about the amount of oil that clings to the crankshaft during rotation / normal operation.
        • A standard crankshaft is a cast iron item that has an effective surface finish equivalent to a badger on heat. - comonly known as, in engineering terms, as "rough as a Bears Arse"

Updated 14/06/07 - 23:25

Polished Plate 1    Polished Plate 01

The ebd exhaust jacket is fitted into place over the Raceland exhaust manifold, with the Laser profiled, mirrror polished, 1.2mm Stainless Steel Heat shield - If you are interested in this heat shield or the ebd jacket, or any ebd product including a full engine build, then, please email or

For a (nominal) extra charge we can customise the bottom line of text to your own url or name. We can customise further but please understand that the price becomes a "one-off" price and will include our CAD & Laser Path design, as well as any increase in material area... We will have them availble on ebay very soon - when we do, a link will be added to this page! - If you can't wait, then just give us a call!

Updated 28/05/07 - 23:25

  • I have removed a couple of pictures so the page loads quiker, if you are looking for them, they can be found on the Rebuild page
  • Pages added:
    • The Gearbox & Quaiffe page has been added giving detais of the fitment of the Quaiffe ATB (Automatic Torque Biasing Differential)...
  • Pages updated:
    • The Index Has been updated to clear some of the older updates from the bottom of the page - hopefully those 3 people still on dial-up will be able to load this page quicker!
    • The Rebuild page has been updated a bit further - still behind on actual progress!
    • The Rollcage page has been correcting some of the errors!
    • The Inlet Manifold page has been updated
    • The Internals page has been updated...

Outer Casing   Gearbox Cluster

Updated 26/05/07 - 23:25

  • We have been so busy with design & development work that we haven't had much opportunity to update this site!
  • Pages added:
    • The Rollcage page has been added giving detais of the OMP AB/106/ 129AE weld-in roll cage...
  • Pages updated:
    • The Rebuild page has been updated a bit further - still well behind on actual progress!
    • The Rotating Assy page has been updated - including details of the flywheel testing - more details to follow soon!
    • The Internals page has had the valves added to it...

Updated 21/04/07 - 21:25

  • Due to increased interest in the PPP-106 mini-site, we have decided to make it easier to find - and to tell all of your Peugeot 106 fanatic friends where to find us! instead of http://pickard.engineeredbydesign.co.uk, you can now find it here: http://www.ppp-106.co.uk The original page will continue to work - They point to the same page now.
  • Also the custom ebd manifold is under-way. - We have developed the manifold to match our custom re-pitched head, but at the same time, we are making plates to match the standard inlet port spacing to mate to R6 Throttle bodies. If you are interested in a custom manifold then just let us know!
  • Pages updated:

Updated 15/04/07 - 23:25

Updated 25/03/07 - 12:45

  • Updated the index page added photos of GPA-1400

    We've been very busy with our latest little project:

    GPA-1400 Nova Shell   GPA-1400 - Shell2

    See the progress on the GPA-1400 Build coming soon!


If you have any questions, comments or would like to talk to us about some work you would like us to quote for, then email or
WWW engineeredbydesign.co.uk

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