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The Engineered By Design Anodising Page

We at ebd have a small anodising set-up. Currently we can anodise small parts - upto 300mm long. So if you are interested in an anodising service for samll parts then just drop us an email!


Some ebd anodised (or anodized if you are American!) parts...
Anodised Fuse distribution plateAnodised PLate

Fuel Rail
Custom ebd Fuel RailAnodised Fuel Rail

Above shows the initial stages of the custom ebd fuel rail before cleaning and preparation. This fuel rail is designed to suit the standard pitch of the peugeot 106 rallye, with the TU2J2 engine. We have designed & developed this fuel rail for the purpose of fitting some R6 throttle bodies - i.e. using 8 injectors overall.


Blue Dying process


Colour Pot - Blue