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ASCII Engine:

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ASCII Engine

Online Utility to Generate the ASCII, Decimal, Hex & Binary codes for a character

Input one character:

ASCII Decimal Output
ASCII Hex Output
ASCII Binary Output


ASCII Characters

Character Map for ASCII Characters.

ASCII Characters
Dec : Decimal Code      Hex : Hexadecimal Code
Dec Hex Character Name
control Null
control Start of Heading
control Start of Text
control End of Text
control End of Transmission
control Enquiry
control Acknowledge
control Bell
control Backspace
control Horizontal Tabulation
control Line Feed
control Vertical Tabulation
control Form Feed
control Carriage Return
control Shift Out
control Shift In
control Data Link Escape
control Device Control One
control Device Control Two
control Device Control Three
control Device Control Four
control Negative Acknowledge
control Synchronous Idle
control End of Transmission Block
control Cancel
control End of Medium
control Substitute
control Escape
control File Separator
control Group Separator
control Record Separator
control Unit Separator
! Exclamation Mark
" Quotation Mark
# Number Sign
$ Dollar Sign
% Percent Sign
& Ampersand
' Apostrophe
( Left Parenthesis
) Right Parenthesis
* Asterisk
+ Plus Sign
, Comma
- Hyphen-Minus
. Full Stop
/ Solidus
0 Digit Zero
1 Digit One
2 Digit Two
3 Digit Three
4 Digit Four
5 Digit Five
6 Digit Six
7 Digit Seven
8 Digit Eight
9 Digit Nine
: Colon
; Semicolon
< Less-Than Sign
= Equals Sign
> Greater-Than Sign
? Question Mark
Dec Hex Character Name
@ Commercial At
A Latin Capital Letter A
B Latin Capital Letter B
C Latin Capital Letter C
D Latin Capital Letter D
E Latin Capital Letter E
F Latin Capital Letter F
G Latin Capital Letter G
H Latin Capital Letter H
I Latin Capital Letter I
J Latin Capital Letter J
K Latin Capital Letter K
L Latin Capital Letter L
M Latin Capital Letter M
N Latin Capital Letter N
O Latin Capital Letter O
P Latin Capital Letter P
Q Latin Capital Letter Q
R Latin Capital Letter R
S Latin Capital Letter S
T Latin Capital Letter T
U Latin Capital Letter U
V Latin Capital Letter V
W Latin Capital Letter W
X Latin Capital Letter X
Y Latin Capital Letter Y
Z Latin Capital Letter Z
[ Left Square Bracket
\ Reverse Solidus
] Right Square Bracket
^ Circumflex Accent
_ Low Line
` Grave Accent
a Latin Small Letter A
b Latin Small Letter B
c Latin Small Letter C
d Latin Small Letter D
e Latin Small Letter E
f Latin Small Letter F
g Latin Small Letter G
h Latin Small Letter H
i Latin Small Letter I
j Latin Small Letter J
k Latin Small Letter K
l Latin Small Letter L
m Latin Small Letter M
n Latin Small Letter N
o Latin Small Letter O
p Latin Small Letter P
q Latin Small Letter Q
r Latin Small Letter R
s Latin Small Letter S
t Latin Small Letter T
u Latin Small Letter U
v Latin Small Letter V
w Latin Small Letter W
x Latin Small Letter X
y Latin Small Letter Y
z Latin Small Letter Z
{ Left Curly Bracket
| Vertical Line
} Right Curly Bracket
~ Tilde
control Delete




Trouble Code Diagnosis


This section has now been moved to the "Deciphering DTC's" Page.