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Engineered By Design - ebd About Us:

Engineered By Design is owned and run buy two professional engineers with more than 20 years industrial experience between them in both the automotive and aerospace sectors. Engineered By Design have designed and developed many products for a variety of customers.

Engine Design

The last major project that we undertook was to design and develop a single cylinder motor cycle engine for racing. The work was undertaken for the manufacturer of the engine with a view to improving performance and reducing weight. At the outset this was a tough challenge, however now the engine produces approximately 63 BHP – doesn’t sound like a lot, but if this were put into car terms this would be a normally aspirated 2 litre engine producing 250 BHP straight from the crate and weighing less than 30 kilograms. Not bad I think you’ll find.


Godden Engineering grasstrack motorcycle engine

Full Engine

We can offer a conceptual design, product design, development and production engineered solutions for your problems. We have the experience, the know how and the contacts to get your ideas off the desk and into reality.


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