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Last update on - 01/10/12
Engineered By Design compete in Sprints, and Hill Climbs (when time allows!). The cars are designed, fully prepared and built by ourselves.

Ford Focus ST170







Peugeot 106 Series 1 8 Valve - competition Engine Build - the "PPP-106 "
Full Car  Full Car
Click Here or On the Photo above to go to the PPP-106 Mini site
Current Specifications (Before we started this little project!)

  • Car: 106 Rallye S1
  • Colour: Red
  • Modifications:
  • All round Avo Adjustable struts + 35mm Eibach lowering springs
  • Weight removal mainly carpets and sound deadening(25kg)
  • Chipped ECU (10bhp Apparently)
  • Gas flowed cylinder head by GainSpeed with matched inlet manifold.
  • Fully rebuilt head using new springs and retainers.
  • K&N 57i Induction kit.
  • Corbeau Revolution Seats (wideboy edition).
  • Carbon Fibre bonnet. (2.4kg instead of 12.6kg for original)
  • OMP steering wheel.
  • 13" 205 Rallye wheels with 175/50R13 Bridgestone RE720s buffed to 2mm for dry weather
  • 13" 205 Rallye wheels with 175/50R13 Bridgestone RE720s unbuffed for wet weather and travelling to/from circuits
  • DTM wing mirrors (so I can walk around the car in the garage!)
  • Magnecor Competition spark leads
  • Poly sport bushes
  • Lots of stickers (because I was bored over the winter and they were cheap!)
  • Blaupunkt E-Freestyler Satellite Navigation.
Engine Build Specifications
The PPP106- Has taken much thought & Design work, include pages of calculations, hours of simulation & testing. The , initial design intent was to produce an over-square high & free-revving engine. After lengthy discussions, (most of which took place down the pub... hmmmm) The final decision was taken to develop a 76mm Bore & 77mm Stroke system. Combining the TU2J2 1296cc Engine & The TU3 1360cc Engine. - Achieving a total swept volume of 1397cc
Full Standard EngineStandard engine
The Bottom End:
  • Pistons: Wossner 76mm forged slipper pistons.
  • Lightened and balanced crank and flywheel ( crank > 1.145kg lighter, flywheel 400g lighter)
  • The balancing of the system was quite complicated due to the radical modifications of the Crankshaft. Each individual component was first balanced in isolation, then in as a whole including the group "N" Clutch Cover.
  • The Crankshaft has been highly polished to minimise "oil-cling" during running (thus reducing moment of inertia).
  • Lightened and balanced Forged Wossner 76mm slipper pistons and lightened & stress relieved con-rods.   
The ebd "Stage 4" Head
EBD Fully gasflowed head - This is what we would refer to as a Stage 4 head, (which roughly translates as we stopped short of the platinium plating! - just!) The list of head work includes but not limited to:
  • Modified valve guides (to suit opened out ports)
  • Reprofiled Combustion chamber
  • Chamber Matched to Pistons
  • Head Skimmed - In combinatino with above modifications to attain 11.5:1 Compression ratio
  • Bronze Cam Thrust Plate
  • Inlet Ports have been "re-pitched" to even the inlet tract length between cylinders & open the flowpath up
  • Inlet Ports matched to custom designed inlet manifold to suit R6 Throtle Bodies
  • Valve seats re-cut.
  • All modificiations are designed around the production of a very High Volumetric Effieciency Head.
Other components:
  • Head matched with High performance CATCams special profile,
  • New Spring Retainers,
  • Uprated Valve Springs - (single)
  • One Piece 214N Austenitic Stainless Steel valves, - Wasted away as part of Head modifcations.
  • Overall the system uses 8 Injectors, 4 in the original positions, and 4 upstream in the form of a Yamaha R6 throttle body conversion using EBD custom inlet manifold,
  • Raceland Exhaust Manifold - modified so it actually fits the head!
  • Exhaust Manifold has been fitted with custom designed Insulation Jacket using 12mm Thick fibreglass wadding. The reason for this two fold, it is designed to reduce under-bonnet temperatures, thus maintaining a cool inlet Charge. It also protects the carbon fibre bonnet from the elevated temperatures produced from the application of the PPP-106.
  • Engine Management: controlled by Emerald M3DK - Mapped using 8 injectors
  • Button control for stalk controls (removing all stalks)
  • OMP 129AE Roll Cage - Ready for fitting
  • Carbon fibre front splitter
  • Carbon fibre rear diffuser
  • Varley Red Top battery
  • Coil over conversion

This covers the general build specification of the PPP-106 - Cherry Red Series 1 8V Peugeot 106 Rallye, to see a full Blog of the engine build have a look at the: PPP-106 mini site...

The Fiesta CVH-1400

Fezza   Hot Manifold

This project started as a daily drive, we thought it would make a pretty fun project car to put on the Track, people were really suprised to have a 5-door fiesta come past them! - The Picture on the right is of the wrapped exhaust manifold after a heavy run!

See Below for specifications:


The Engine
  • 1.4 Litre CVH 8 Valve!! 
  • 101 Bhp @ 6000 RPM (at the Wheels) max 6700 RPM  (circa 120Bhp @ the fly wheel)
  • 2 x Twin Choke Weber DCOE 40 carburettors
  • Custom modified inlet manifold
  • Custom modified Ashley Exhaust Manifold & system
  • Custom made exhaust adaptor plate
Bottom End:
  • Lightened, Balanced and Cross Drilled Crank Shaft (standard Cast Iron)
  • Lightened and Balanced Con Rods modified with fully floating small ends (standard Cast Iron)
  • Standard Ford Pistons lightened and balanced and modified to accept circlips
  • Custom made gudgeon pins
  • Lightened and balanced flywheel
Top End:
  • Custom modified Head – chamber and ports
  • Kent Camshaft – Long duration and high lift
  • Anti-pump hydraulic followers
  • Lightened valve spring caps
  • Double valve springs
  • Modified Rockers
  • Modified Valves - (Standard Size)
  • XR2i Antiroll bar
  • Custom modified Lower arms for adjustable camber
  • Adjustable ride and rate coil over struts
  • Lower and Upper adjustable strut brace
  • Rear Antiroll bar
  • Adjustable ride and rate coil over struts
  • Strut brace
  • Front XR2i vented discs and callipers
  • Rear standard drums
  • Goodridge steel braided brake hoses front and rear
  • Face it, Brakes only slow you down!
Wheels & Tyres:
  • TSW 15” Alloy wheels
  • Front tyres 195/55/15 Goodyear Eagles
  • Rear tyres 195/55/15 Yokohama A539

The Nova: YAJ-1400
YAJ-1400 - Nova GTE @ Bromley Pagent 1     Nova @ Lydden    YAJ-1400 - Nova GTE @ Bromley Pagent 2  
The Engine:
    • 1.4 Litre OHC 8 Valve
    • 73 Bhp @ 6000 RPM (at the Wheels)max 6700 RPM  (circa 100Bhp @ the fly wheel) - a lot more to come!
    • 2 x Twin Choke Weber DCOM 40 carburettors - modified to be tunable!
    • Magnex Exhaust system
    • Janspeed Exhaust Manifold
    • Custom modified inlet manifold
    • Custom made Inlet adaptor plate
    • TAS Competition engine mounts
    • Kent Cams Camshaft Belt
Bottom End:
  • Lightened, Balanced and Cross Drilled Crank Shaft (standard Cast Iron)
  • Lightened and balanced flywheel
  • Pinned Ring gear
Top End:
  • Blydenstien B+ modified Head – chamber and ports
  • Kent Camshaft NV062 – Long duration and high lift
  • Vernier adjustable pulley
  • Anti-pump hydraulic followers
  • Modified valves – standard size
Gear Box:
    • F13 – Close Ratio Low Final Drive
    • Quick-shift Gear linkage
Poly Race Bushes all round
  • OMP Strut Brace
  • Custom Strengthened Lower arms for adjustable camber
  • Bilstein Sprintline Shock Absorbers
  • 250lb rate springs
  • Poly Race Bushes
  • Bilstein Sprintline Shock Absorbers
  • 200lb Springs
    • Astra GTE ATE 10.1” (254mm) Front vented discs and callipers
    • Rear standard drums
    • Goodridge steel braided brake hoses front and rear
This little thing sounds pretty rough on tick-over due to the low mass of the Crank shaft and Flywheel. But as can be heard, when the revs build up it really does sing!